Fujitsu releases low-key, glow-compatible power relay series

This article focuses on the Fujitsu DPST/DPDT 5A PCB power relay series, which meets the requirements of the glow light test IEC/EN60335-1 standardFujitsu Components America released the DPST/DPDT 5A PCB power relay series, which meets the glow light test

Nexperia confirms the acquisition of Newport Wafer Fab, the largest chip company in the UK

According to the latest US CNBC report, Nexperia, a Dutch chip company under China's Wingtech Technology, confirmed on Monday that it plans to acquire Newport Wafer Fab, the largest chip company in the UK.Earlier, two people close to the deal told CNB

ASML announces the second-quarter financial report, sales of 4 billion euros

Recently, ASML, a lithography machine manufacturer, announced its financial report for the second quarter of 2021. The financial report shows that ASML has net sales of 4 billion euros, a gross profit margin of 50.9%, and a net income of 1 billion euros.A

Apple A15 chip, also integrated 5G baseband?

As the iPhone 13 is about to be released, there is more and more news about Apple's new-generation chip A15, and various revelations are becoming more and more true.Recently, the Hong Kong media Qooah reported some news about A15. Compared with A14, e

Shenzhen city center welcomes the first batch of RoboTaxi Yuanrong Qixing officially opened for operation

On July 19, 2021, Futian District, Shenzhen, cooperated with Yuanrong Qixing to formally provide the public with RoboTaxi (self-driving car) manned application demonstration service. From now on, citizens of Shenzhen can apply for a ride invitation code t

Mobile phone chip inventory is in a hurry, and the lack of core leads to a wave of price increases for mobile phones

The global chip shortage has had a serious impact on the smartphone industry. Not only have shipments continued to slow down, but prices have soared for the first time in history. Some manufacturers have had to reduce production or delay the launch of new

3D AI chip company Eva Technology completes 100 million yuan A round of financing

Recently, Eva Technology, a 3D AI chip system company, announced that it has completed a billion-dollar A round of financing, led by Zhongke Chuangxing, with Tuojin Capital and Hanyang Investment following the investment, and the old shareholder Dingqing

The tide of chip shortage has swept the global car companies, how do domestic chips slowly develop?

The China Automobile Association previously pointed out that the current wave of core shortages in the automotive industry is expected to continue until Q3 2021, or even the end of the year. According to estimates from the American Bernstein Research Comp

How many are happy and who are worried? The shortage of chips has caused the sales of auto companies to drop, and the foundries have become "big winners"

Since the second half of 2020, many auto companies have cut production due to chip shortages, and sales have fallen short of expectations. Since the beginning of this year, BMW has reduced production of about 30,000 vehicles and stopped production at vari

On the development of "China Chip" again: the concept of "domestic" should return to "Made in China"

We have been talking about the three words "China Core" for many years, and it is still a hot topic today. The main reason is that chips have always been and will be a "stuck neck" link in my country for a long time to come.In 2020, China’s total ch

Invest 800 million! GAC and Huawei establish a joint venture subsidiary to enter the smart car SUV market

Huawei has always promoted that it does not build cars. It has a cooperative or competitive relationship with major automakers and has always been talked about by the auto industry. In the era of automobile intelligence, the advantages of smart cockpits,

What are the functions of the motherboard chipset?

The English name of the motherboard chipset is Chipset. It is the core component of the motherboard. It evolved from the VLSI gate array control chip in the past 286 eras. It can be said to be a bridge between the CPU and peripheral devices. For the mothe

Renesas Electronics Xu Zheng: E-AI artificial intelligence solution enhances industrial Internet equipment and promotes industrial automation

On June 23, at the Fifth Industrial Control and Communication Technology Symposium in 2021, Xu Zheng, senior director of the Industrial Automation Division of Renesas Electronics China, shared the theme of "E-AI Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Auto

An article to understand which models of TVS diodes for transient voltage suppression

TVS transient suppression diode is a high-efficiency overvoltage protection device. When both ends are subject to instantaneous high-energy impact, the TVS instantly transforms its own high-resistance characteristics into low-resistance characteristics an

TSMC’s June revenue hit a record high: Is the Apple A15 chip the hero?

On July 12th, according to foreign media TechWeb reports, TSMC’s June revenue reached a record US$5.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of 22.8% and a month-on-month increase of 32.1%. This record revenue may be due to a large scale. Mass production

Analysis of the principle of smart sensor technology

An intelligent sensor (intelligent sensor) is a sensor with an information processing function. The smart sensor has a microprocessor, which has the ability to collect, process, and exchange information. It is the product of the integration of the sensor

SK Hynix adopts EUV to mass-produce fourth-generation 10nm-class DRAM

SK Hynix announced that it has begun to use flash memory chips for EUV lithography machines.Specifically, mass production of 8Gigabit (Gb) *LPDDR4 mobile DRAM (dynamic random access memory) products using the fourth-generation 10nm (1a)-the level process

Comparative analysis of the development of Sino-U.S. semiconductor industry chain in 2021

The US semiconductor industry is in a leading position, and mainland China is the world's largest semiconductor demand region. This article takes you to analyze the differences in the development of the semiconductor industry between China and the Uni

Keysight assists HTC in verifying the performance of O-RAN base stations optimized for 5G private networks

HTC uses Keysight Open RAN test solution to demonstrate O-CU and O-DU at Mobile World Congress 2021Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS) announced that HTC, a global smart mobile device, and technology innovation company, has used Keysight’s 5G User Eq

Intel may contract TSMC’s 3nm production capacity

It was reported on July 7 that Intel would contract TSMC’s 3-nanometer production capacity. Foreign investment JPMorgan Chase, China Renaissance Capital, and Credit Suisse pointed out yesterday that TSMC’s advanced manufacturing process has gr

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