Single output power supply provides 300W, covers an area of 4 × 2 inches

VCCS300S is specially designed for the global industrial sector, focusing on high efficiency and reliability, providing design engineers with flexibility during system integration.

Vox Power launched the VCCS300S, a miniature conduction cooling power supply that provides 300W silent and dust-free output power through a 4in x 2in x 1.61in (101.6 x 50.8 x 40.89 mm) tiny package. VCCS300S is specially designed for the global industrial sector, focusing on high efficiency and reliability, providing design engineers with maximum flexibility in the system integration process, especially those working in the fields of robotics, automation, test and measurement, and industrial lasers.

Weighing only 310 grams, this is a true conduction cooling power supply, with first-class performance, able to provide up to 80% of the power than competing products in the same package. In order to expand the application range of the power supply or meet the needs of its working environment, vccs300 can also use convection or forced air cooling.

Brian McDonald, the chief technology officer of Vox Power, said that the efficiency of the new power supply is as high as 95%, and when properly installed, the unique heat dissipation technology can dissipate heat very effectively, allowing full power to work at 40°C. The power supply complies with UL/IEC62368-1 and various MIL-STD standards, making it very suitable for rugged environments. By connecting the units in parallel or in series, the output power can be expanded to 600W, 900W, making vccs300 suitable as a powerful platform to serve a variety of products with different power output requirements.

CEO Marco Prinsloo said: "The vccs300 we have made successfully integrates two power market segments." "On the one hand, in miniaturized applications, the power supply space may be limited, but to achieve the required application feature set, The required power requirements are getting higher and higher. VCCS300 solves this challenge by providing higher output power through a small package.

In addition, there are some higher-power applications. Customers want to reduce the size of the product, but they are also limited because higher-power devices can only be provided in a larger area. The output power level provided by VCCS300S has historically only been supplied from a larger 5 x 3-inch power supply. These applications include industrial lasers, automation, robotics, and 3D printing. Added David Carley, business developer at Vox Power.

The input voltage range is 85 to 264VAC (0.99 power factor), the output voltage is initially set to 12, 24, and 48VDC, and the intermediate voltage is up to 58VDC, which can be provided on request. When the no-load power consumption is less than 1W, the load and line regulation, ripple and noise are all excellent.

In addition to 95% efficiency, the key features naturally include excellent low leakage and touch current levels and protection against overvoltage and overtemperature, all with automatic restart. Overcurrent and short circuit protection are also standard.

The new power supply is a widely available global distribution network. Like all its products, Vox power supports a 5-year warranty for VCCS300S.

About Vox Power

Vox Power is a power supply manufacturer from Ireland, providing a series of unique high-density AC/DC power solutions for the medical, industrial, and technical markets. The unparalleled size and weight advantages of its products, coupled with additional functions and features, enable customers to create innovative, smaller, and beautiful terminal solutions. Vox Power provides a comprehensive configurable and fanless power supply solution, supplemented by world-class technical support.